New Album by Umek & Beltek

The Top 100 DJ Umek  along with his fellow Slovenian countryman Beltek already blessed us with the wonderful track: Army Of Two. That was now 3 years ago (roughly counted). Since then, the duo have co-operated on several tracks, and now they release Out of Play. It's a ten track full length album.

I won't disturb you with any quality analyze now. Right now I'm not even able to listen to the material myself (because school computers don't seem to like music at all). However, I can almost guarantee that this album is good without even having to listen to it. You can look from the bright side... You will be able to listen to this before me. I am SO jealous!

The official digital release is today 7th november
On iTunes you can download it 20th november.

Visit Umek or Beltek's homepages for more info!

The track Army Of Two that I was talking about earlier is worth a listen too!