Merry Christmas from ElectroCloud!

"All right people, let's have a fucking good christmas!" 

After all the eating, here's some tunes to dance your ass off to! I don't know about the rest of the world. But here in Finland we are pretty good at partying already on Christmas day! So these tracks might come in handy!

These are brand new:

This one is a year old:

Sorry for leaving out Justin Bieber from the list!


New FREE Album from Uppermost

Here's some new music from Behdad Nejatbakhshe, better known as Uppermost. The french DJ came to my notice when I first heard his singles Pwnage Method and System32. Those tracks of course made a good impression on me which was the reason i just had to get his  album Action. He must be very productive because most artists would be glad to release an album per year or two. Uppermost released Action just 3 months ago.

Uppermost - Polis
Download FREE (320 Kbps)

1. Evi
2. Dixit
3. Atma
4. Bastel
5. Vandal
6. Acedia
7. Etc
8. Bios
9. Aven
10. Satellite

Play time: 43:24
Release date: 19 December 2011

In my opinion the two albums are quite like each other. However I have to say the new one is one step ahead which is very ideal. That means he is evolving. Getting better. And I guess if he keeps up the productivity and constantly releases quality material like this, he will become big. Although his tracks isn't that mainstream i would say it's very easy to listen to his kind of music. I hear a lot of resemblance to acts such as Daft Punk and Justice which of course he's been compared to before. But making this kind of music is still a very good concept if you want to gain listeners!

Speaking of Justice. After listening to this new Uppermost album, don't you think this is something that could fill the hunger of all the disappointed fans of Justice, who wanted Audio, Video, Disco to be more like Cross?

On Police you will for example find samples from Daft Punk and Linkin Park. The use of samples on this album is neatly accomplished! The album is also great as a whole. The tempo varies from track to track and as I already mentioned makes it easy to listen to!

This one is a lot like Justice track Genesis from Cross:

The other track available on Uppermost's SoundCloud is a lot like Daft Punk and even has some samples from them!

I think you should go join the forces on his Facebook page. Not too many people follow him. It seems like he is very under estimated.

Hope You Didn't Miss These New Tracks (Part II)

Here's some more brand NEW music that you shouldn't miss out! I am specially excited about estonian music producer Mord Fustang, who I've been following now for over a year. He's growing bigger and bigger! 

If you like you can go check out Part I of this collection of great NEW music. Quality guaranteed.


BRUK Finally Out With New Stuff

Anyone who followed this blog from the start knows that I made a small article about Chrizz Luvly and his side project together with Rocket Pimp called BRUK. If you haven't read it, go here!

Obviously there is something new going on right now in the BRUK camp. Just a few hours ago we could see previews of both old and new tracks from Chrizz Luvly being uploaded to SoundCloud followed by a big surprise. We are not talking about only a few tracks now. All together 15 tracks were uploaded plus the previously unknown track from who other than, BRUK (although it is uploaded to Chrizz Luvly's profile).

The electro house track is of course no disappointment, else i wouldn't be writing this article!
If you know popular music well you'll be noticing that this new track called "The World" is a remake, or whatever you wanna call it, of the Swedish House Mafia smash hit "Save The World".

Hope You Didn't Miss These New Tracks

A short list of new music that you should hear! To listen to even more go to Hope You Didn't Miss These New Tracks (Part II).

Incredible new drumstep!

I have always liked A Girl & A Gun for her vocals. Today I am totally in love after hearing the preview of the new track together with russian duo The Damn Bell Doors. Alien Technologies EP with this tune is going to release in time for christmas (19th December) on Heavy Artillery Recordings.

Stun Gun is a good name for the track. I didn't realize until the preview stopped that my feet were dancing crazy under the table. With a great drumstep tempo and a great breakdown / drop together with the A Girl & A Gun's vocals there is no way that this song will fail on the dance floor.

Let's hope the DJ's around the world will find out about this track. Sadly enough I think there are too few people following any of these artists. On A Girl & A Gun's SoundCloud there is a shy 6500+ followers and on Facebook only 1500+. The Damn Bell Doors have even less people on their fan pages. I've seen so many unskilled artists with many more followers, so I hope they will get the word out about this track. I dare to say, this one is up there together with the best. Hopefully a breakthrough for both involved performers.


Here's a bonus track that will also be featured on The Damn Bell Doors' new EP!

The Damn Bell Doors - Alien Technologies (Original Mix)


Felguk vs Dirtyloud - NUDGE

Here is something that will make any Electro House fan happy!

Tommy Trash - Ohrwurm (Original Mix)

Australian DJ Tommy Trash is going to release some new shit this week on thursday. It's an original mix of the new track Ohrwurm.

Because of my skills in german language I could roughly translate the song title to Ear Worm without any further investigations. I later learned after a little Google tour that the word can mean "a tune that is stuck in one's head, especially as unwanted or repetitive". Well, everybody know that feeling. But it also makes sense after listening to the new track. This might be a track that will be stuck for a while.

Here's a preview from Tommy Trash SoundCloud profile:

Also, somebody was lucky enough to have a longer version of the track sent to their mail, and uploaded to YouTube!


Dirtyphonics great remix!

Here's a great track i didn't hear before! It's a dubstep / electro remix from Dirtyphonics on a track by Krafty Kuts & Dynamite MC that obviously have been around for a while! It was today released on Dirtyphonics SoundCloud.

Wonderful Bare Noize Remix!

This news will be a big one for you if the genre you prefer is dubstep. The London based DJ duo Bare Noize have always in my mind been a band that always succeed when it comes to remixes. I have happened to listen quite much to both the remix of Jeuce's track Flavour and the two Skrillex remixes that are on Bare Noize's account so far. All of them are and will always be on my iPhone.

An addition to my playlist on the iPhone will defiantly be the new track from Bare Noize. It's a remix of Counterstrike & Zardonic's Hardcore Will Never Die.

It is a very dramatic track with great quality breakdowns and breath taking drops. The track also grows more & more for every listen and will probably be playing in my headphones for a while. Have a listen and enjoy the track that will be out early 2012 according to the instructions on Bare Noize's SoundCloud

Please listen to the original, that is also a great tune for the people who are into Hardcore / Drum & Bass music:

Popeska - Bro

Hello there people, I've been quite busy lately which you probably noticed due to the lack of new articles. I will try to be more active now at least until Christmas, when I think I'm gonna have a few days of vacation from everything. Then of course back to business after all the celebrations.

Every time Ralf from Atlanta, meaning Popeska, releases something, it means a sure article for me. The goal with this blog is to publish just the best of the best. So far I've been running this blog for a month and the artist I posted most about must be Popeska. The so far unsigned Electro / Dubstep producer keeps surprising with new releases all the time. What I like about him is that he's experimenting with the music, but you can always hear that it's Popeska. I think each of his releases has its own charm.

This time he has a new song called Bro. It's a calm track with some nice drops. I won't call it dubstep even though it is. Popeska prefers to call this Brostep.