Merry Christmas from ElectroCloud!

"All right people, let's have a fucking good christmas!" 

After all the eating, here's some tunes to dance your ass off to! I don't know about the rest of the world. But here in Finland we are pretty good at partying already on Christmas day! So these tracks might come in handy!

These are brand new:

This one is a year old:

Sorry for leaving out Justin Bieber from the list!


New FREE Album from Uppermost

Here's some new music from Behdad Nejatbakhshe, better known as Uppermost. The french DJ came to my notice when I first heard his singles Pwnage Method and System32. Those tracks of course made a good impression on me which was the reason i just had to get his  album Action. He must be very productive because most artists would be glad to release an album per year or two. Uppermost released Action just 3 months ago.

Uppermost - Polis
Download FREE (320 Kbps)

1. Evi
2. Dixit
3. Atma
4. Bastel
5. Vandal
6. Acedia
7. Etc
8. Bios
9. Aven
10. Satellite

Play time: 43:24
Release date: 19 December 2011

In my opinion the two albums are quite like each other. However I have to say the new one is one step ahead which is very ideal. That means he is evolving. Getting better. And I guess if he keeps up the productivity and constantly releases quality material like this, he will become big. Although his tracks isn't that mainstream i would say it's very easy to listen to his kind of music. I hear a lot of resemblance to acts such as Daft Punk and Justice which of course he's been compared to before. But making this kind of music is still a very good concept if you want to gain listeners!

Speaking of Justice. After listening to this new Uppermost album, don't you think this is something that could fill the hunger of all the disappointed fans of Justice, who wanted Audio, Video, Disco to be more like Cross?

On Police you will for example find samples from Daft Punk and Linkin Park. The use of samples on this album is neatly accomplished! The album is also great as a whole. The tempo varies from track to track and as I already mentioned makes it easy to listen to!

This one is a lot like Justice track Genesis from Cross:

The other track available on Uppermost's SoundCloud is a lot like Daft Punk and even has some samples from them!

I think you should go join the forces on his Facebook page. Not too many people follow him. It seems like he is very under estimated.

Hope You Didn't Miss These New Tracks (Part II)

Here's some more brand NEW music that you shouldn't miss out! I am specially excited about estonian music producer Mord Fustang, who I've been following now for over a year. He's growing bigger and bigger! 

If you like you can go check out Part I of this collection of great NEW music. Quality guaranteed.


BRUK Finally Out With New Stuff

Anyone who followed this blog from the start knows that I made a small article about Chrizz Luvly and his side project together with Rocket Pimp called BRUK. If you haven't read it, go here!

Obviously there is something new going on right now in the BRUK camp. Just a few hours ago we could see previews of both old and new tracks from Chrizz Luvly being uploaded to SoundCloud followed by a big surprise. We are not talking about only a few tracks now. All together 15 tracks were uploaded plus the previously unknown track from who other than, BRUK (although it is uploaded to Chrizz Luvly's profile).

The electro house track is of course no disappointment, else i wouldn't be writing this article!
If you know popular music well you'll be noticing that this new track called "The World" is a remake, or whatever you wanna call it, of the Swedish House Mafia smash hit "Save The World".

Hope You Didn't Miss These New Tracks

A short list of new music that you should hear! To listen to even more go to Hope You Didn't Miss These New Tracks (Part II).

Incredible new drumstep!

I have always liked A Girl & A Gun for her vocals. Today I am totally in love after hearing the preview of the new track together with russian duo The Damn Bell Doors. Alien Technologies EP with this tune is going to release in time for christmas (19th December) on Heavy Artillery Recordings.

Stun Gun is a good name for the track. I didn't realize until the preview stopped that my feet were dancing crazy under the table. With a great drumstep tempo and a great breakdown / drop together with the A Girl & A Gun's vocals there is no way that this song will fail on the dance floor.

Let's hope the DJ's around the world will find out about this track. Sadly enough I think there are too few people following any of these artists. On A Girl & A Gun's SoundCloud there is a shy 6500+ followers and on Facebook only 1500+. The Damn Bell Doors have even less people on their fan pages. I've seen so many unskilled artists with many more followers, so I hope they will get the word out about this track. I dare to say, this one is up there together with the best. Hopefully a breakthrough for both involved performers.


Here's a bonus track that will also be featured on The Damn Bell Doors' new EP!

The Damn Bell Doors - Alien Technologies (Original Mix)


Felguk vs Dirtyloud - NUDGE

Here is something that will make any Electro House fan happy!

Tommy Trash - Ohrwurm (Original Mix)

Australian DJ Tommy Trash is going to release some new shit this week on thursday. It's an original mix of the new track Ohrwurm.

Because of my skills in german language I could roughly translate the song title to Ear Worm without any further investigations. I later learned after a little Google tour that the word can mean "a tune that is stuck in one's head, especially as unwanted or repetitive". Well, everybody know that feeling. But it also makes sense after listening to the new track. This might be a track that will be stuck for a while.

Here's a preview from Tommy Trash SoundCloud profile:

Also, somebody was lucky enough to have a longer version of the track sent to their mail, and uploaded to YouTube!


Dirtyphonics great remix!

Here's a great track i didn't hear before! It's a dubstep / electro remix from Dirtyphonics on a track by Krafty Kuts & Dynamite MC that obviously have been around for a while! It was today released on Dirtyphonics SoundCloud.

Wonderful Bare Noize Remix!

This news will be a big one for you if the genre you prefer is dubstep. The London based DJ duo Bare Noize have always in my mind been a band that always succeed when it comes to remixes. I have happened to listen quite much to both the remix of Jeuce's track Flavour and the two Skrillex remixes that are on Bare Noize's account so far. All of them are and will always be on my iPhone.

An addition to my playlist on the iPhone will defiantly be the new track from Bare Noize. It's a remix of Counterstrike & Zardonic's Hardcore Will Never Die.

It is a very dramatic track with great quality breakdowns and breath taking drops. The track also grows more & more for every listen and will probably be playing in my headphones for a while. Have a listen and enjoy the track that will be out early 2012 according to the instructions on Bare Noize's SoundCloud

Please listen to the original, that is also a great tune for the people who are into Hardcore / Drum & Bass music:

Popeska - Bro

Hello there people, I've been quite busy lately which you probably noticed due to the lack of new articles. I will try to be more active now at least until Christmas, when I think I'm gonna have a few days of vacation from everything. Then of course back to business after all the celebrations.

Every time Ralf from Atlanta, meaning Popeska, releases something, it means a sure article for me. The goal with this blog is to publish just the best of the best. So far I've been running this blog for a month and the artist I posted most about must be Popeska. The so far unsigned Electro / Dubstep producer keeps surprising with new releases all the time. What I like about him is that he's experimenting with the music, but you can always hear that it's Popeska. I think each of his releases has its own charm.

This time he has a new song called Bro. It's a calm track with some nice drops. I won't call it dubstep even though it is. Popeska prefers to call this Brostep.


Congorock - Ivory (+ Bloody Beetroots Remix)

Congorock with the long awaited Ivory is out today and together with the release comes another awaited great remix from The Bloody Beetroots! I have to say I prefer the later but that of course because I'm a big Beetroots fan!

Congorock - Ivory (Original Remix)

Congorock - Ivory (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)

FTampa Remix: A Real Banger

This is a real good Electro House banger remix from the Brazilian music producer Felipe Tampa, better known as FTampa. It was released yesterday on Braslive Records. I think he did a real good job to turn it into his own style.

Listen to the original track if you are interested in knowing the difference! Also it's a really good original.

If you like FTampa, please visit DirtyDirtyBeats for an interesting interview I recently read! The Brazilian is aiming high! :)


Datsik releasing FREE tracks!

The Kelowna, Canada native DJ & dubstep producer Datsik wants to share his new tracks for free and is encouraging us to "Share It With Your Friends". Well, I guess that is what I'm gonna do now! Have a listen, then download!

1. Datsik & Bassnectar - Elevate [DOWNLOAD]

 2. Datsik - Gecko (VIP) [DOWNLOAD]

 3. Excision & Datsik - Invaders (Datsik Drumstep Mix) [DOWNLOAD]

 4. Datsik - Blaze it Up [DOWNLOAD]

 5. Datsik - Stand Still [DOWNLOAD]

Kill The Noise with new multi track EP

I already expressed my love for Kill The Noise earlier on ElectroCloud. The young producer have been releasing remixes after remixes on his SoundCloud. All are truly pure quality. He is currently sharing the stage with another great producer, maybe the most succesful right now, Skrillex. It is also under his label he's been working lately. Kill The Noise is the Dubstep producer that always seem to succeed with whatever he releases.

Yesterday he released a pretty awaited & serious EP with 6 different originals. All the songs except one is instrumental with samples. The last one have vocals from Emily Hudson. The OWSLA released EP also contains 4 remixes of the tracks by very interesting DJ acts such as Dillion Francis, Alvin Risk, Brown & Gammon and maybe the hottest right now, KOAN Sound. Some of the tracks was already released or previewed before.

It is really my recommendation that you go buy this EP, because you won't become disappointed. Anyone who doubt that and wants to be sure about the quality could take a listen on a few of the great tracks included.

Here are the three steps you need to take before you buy the EP:

1. This is maybe the best dubstep track on the Kill Kill Kill EP: Deal With It. Listen to it!

2. Here's a preview of the remix same track by KOAN Sound!

3. One more before heading to the store. There is more than just dubstep on the EP. This is a great Electro House track called She Likes to Party.

Now who could say this EP isn't worth a good place in the music library! Kill Kill Kill truly kills the noise with a better one!


More Popeska Music Released Today

It's been a while since we saw something new from the unsigned Popeska. Well, "a while" in the Popeska world means at most a week or two. As I already mentioned about Popeska in previous blog posts, he is very productive.

This time he is remixing Labrinth and turns the track  into his own style with a little wobble here and there. I actually would like to call it a light version of dubstep more than just electro. Have a listen!


CAZZETTE remix of Spencer & Hill Released!

Big track remix by the Swedish duo Alexander Björklund & Sebastian Furrer... or CAZZETTE! It's one of the newer songs by Spencer & Hill and Nadia Ali - Believe It - that's been cazzettized. We already saw a preview of the track about a month ago. Today the song is officially released and we can enjoy the full length of the beauty!

Spencer & Hill feat. Nadia Ali - Believe It (CAZZETTE's Androids Sound Hot Remix):

These guys are ranked high in my book of candidates that will slowly conquer the world of electronic music. Have a visit to CAZZETTE's SoundCloud and Facebook for more incredible sounds!


Sak Noel - Paso (The Nini Anthem)

I remember when Sak Noel first came to my knowledge. It was this year in april and happened to be in a dressing room of a clothes store in Ronda, southern Spain. I immediately brougt my iPhone up from the pocket and ran SoundHound to find out what it was. First reaction afte I heard Loca People was probably: What the fuck? That expression of course happened to be one of the main themes of the song. Well, the song was a hit, and if you ask someone in my town today they will probably tell you how much they hate it. The radio stations raped us with the song all summer, so I guess we shouldn't blame Sak for that.

The Catalan DJ is now releasing another track. This one is called Paso (The Nini Anthem). The word "Nini" means the rebellious young & global generation, only interested in party, no job, no study, only party.

Sak Noel - Paso (The Nini Anthem)

Remember to go out and party tonight! Have a good one!

Hirshee & Sue Cho - Hold On To Love

The record company Big Fish Recordings is constantly putting out good material for electro and dubstep fans. Yesterday it was revealed that Hirshee is releasing a brand new dubstep track with some real high potential. The Canadian music producer is working together with a very under estimated vocal artist with the name Sue Cho. Her vocals is perfect for electronic music, and maybe that is why she isn't more recognized outside the genre. The EP that will include Hold On To Love is released together with another track, Bang This, that we also could hear listen to as a preview last week.

Official release date of the EP is set to be on Monday 21st November. Until that we can always listen to the two previews we have:


Tommy Trash Remix Timbaland

Lägg till bildtext
The Australia native Tommy Trash with his unique electro house sound have become bigger and bigger for every single release. On his Facebook we can read that his sight is "set for world domination". He is appearing in the same spot light as the more known DJ's, such as Tïesto, David Guetta and Swedish House Mafia. While this is happening, some of the biggest artists and producers are opening up their eyes for him. Just a month ago he released a remix of a Moby song (for instance). And as you all know, an official remix is always big, because it's approved by the artist or the record company (otherwise it's a bootleg).

Today Tommy Trash released a preview of his new project. This time he is working on a song made by one of the biggest producers in music today. Hip-hopR&B producer Timbaland is going to release his new album Shock Values III in 2012. One of his new songs Pass At Me, which features Pitbull, is included on the album. It was already released as a single.

This is how Tommy Trash translated the song into his musical language!


New Unreleased Track by Skrillex

Who needs info about Skrillex? Everybody talks about him and I guess he is a little bit like Beatles was to kids back in the days. He made (or is making) a genre mainstream. He makes girls (and boys) cry and scream only because of appearing. Only difference between them must be that on live sets people used to scream "She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah" and now they are screamin "OMG" or "I want to kill everybody in the world"

Sonny Moore (a.k.a Skrillex) isn't just anyone. He kicked of his carrear in 2004 as a singer / guitar player in the Post-Hardcore band From First To Last. This was at the age of 16. 2007 he had a solo project with main focus on electronic rock. 2008 he created electro / dubstep act Skrillex & was signed to mau5trap (Deadmau5 label). Not too many months ago he started his own production company called OWSLA, which already did several releases including artists like KOAN Sound and Porter Robinson.

Yesterday we could hear a 19 minute mix by Skrillex on BBC Radio I. The mix included a lot of Skrillex songs and remixes. Also included was a few of the new artists on OWSLA. The biggest surprise in the mix must have been the unreleased track Devils Nest that he did together with an artist he already featured in his productions this year, namely 12th Planet (see Needed Change).

This is what the previously unknown track Devils Nest sounds like:

Here is the already mentioned Skrillex mix from BBC Radio I where the song was included:


Zedd's First Dubstep Production Out Now

Just recieved new music from the German professional DJ Anton Zaslavski, or maybe most of you know him as Zedd. With tracks moving to the top spots for almost every release, there is no doubt that the new single will begin to appear on the EDM lists around the world.

It was just about 2 months ago that Shave It was released on Skrillex label OWSLA and loved by the big electro crowd. Remember the bear with the razorblade on the cover. About 5 songs on SoundCloud that Zedd released last 12 months have got over 100 000 plays. The DJ have done touring together with big names like Skrillex, Deadma5 & new kid Porter Robinson.

It's very nice to see that a DJ, this big, is releasing Scorpion Move for FREE on SoundCloud.

Zedd haven't done dubstep in his previous original productions. He did of course remix Skrillex not so long ago. In Scorpion Move you can clearly hear the influence of dubstep. Wonder if group pressure have something with this to do (now look at who he toured with). It's however very good, and Zedd should be proud of his release!

EDIT. I should have visited his Facebook. It even reads there "my first dubstep song ever".


Set Me Free Remixes

While I'm at it with dubstep & electro remixes I could maybe also post something about another new release.

It's the relatively new single Set Me Free by Rabbit Killer, Farleon & Xangaii that will be out soon as a digital release together with a couple of other versions of the song. Except the Original there is remixes by dubstep artist Calvertron, electro house artists FTampa & Alex Kidd and drum & bass act Callum B. We can already listen to some previews of the tracks on SoundCloud.

Scroll down, play, listen and tell me what you think about the remixes. Which one is your favorite?

Rabbit Killer & Farleon feat. Xangaii - Set Me Free

Original Mix




FREE LMFAO Remix by The Mavrik

I feel like there is a need to even up the last post with something little less mainstream. Yin and Yang must be restored you know.

So here's a remix of LMFAO - Sexy And I Know It. LMFAO is of course quite a mainstream artist nowadays, but the mix by The Mavrik is just killing the mainstreamness (if there is such a word). Some filthy dubstep, a few melodic chords and quality sound with samples / quotes from Top Gun and the Austin Powers movies can't be wrong. And, it's free!

There is not so much info about The Mavrik to be found. Though I happened to find his SoundCloud & Facebook after a little research!

Here is The Mavrik with Sexy And I Know It. I also included another remix of the song. You can use it to calm down after the first one!

A Mord BONUS is never wrong, right...? :)

Katy Perry New Single + Remixes

The singer-songwriter Katy Perry released a single on friday. From the very successful album Teenage Dream, it's again one of the songs, The One That Got Away, that will be taking over all our radio stations for a while. This music blog and its crowd doesn't however care so much about Pop. So what I'm gonna do now is fly away from the Perry story about Hot n' Cold Kissing California Teenage Dream Girls. I am going to land on a subject that is more accurate to this blog, namely remixes.

The release of the single contained a whole bunch of remixes by a total of three DJ's (7th Heaven, JRMXMixin Marc & Tony Svejda). In addition to this, we also saw 2 pretty famous DJ's (R3HAB & Disco Fries / Tommy Sunshine) releasing their version today. The later released tracks are my favorite remixes.

Released today:

Katy Perry - The One That Got Away (R3hab Remix)

Katy Perry - The One That Got Away (Tommie Sunshine & Disco Fries Club Mix)

From the single:

Katy Perry - The One That Got Away (7th Heaven Club Mix)*

Katy Perry - The One That Got Away (JRMX Club Mix)*

Katy Perry - The One That Got Away (Mixin Marc & Tony Svejda Peak Hour Club Mix)*

*There is also other mixes on the single from the same DJ's

Which one is your favorite remix?


Skream Finally Release Anticipate EP


01. Skream - Anticipate (Original Mix)

02. Skream - Anticipate (Cassius Remix) 


03. Skream - Anticipate (Netsky Remix) 

Today we have a few big artists that both do their own music and have their own record company. I am mostly thinking of Deadmau5 and Skrillex now. Everything that these guys publish is of course of great interest to the fans of the Electro scene. Even people that listen to more mainstream stuff have started to listen to the genre mainly thanks to these guys. It will also continue to be interesting, as long as there is constantly quality releases made, like Skream's new single or EP (whatever you wanna call it) released on Skrillex's label OWSLA.

Some people already waited in half a year for this release. I don't have any clue why it has taken so long to release. Finally though, we have an official with the suiting name, Anticipate. Included on the single we have three tracks. The Original of course & two remixes by Netsky & Cassius.

Go to Beatport to buy the tracks!


NOISIA - Could This Be

For all the Drum & Bass fans out there, this is big news. The dutch trio Noisia teases us with Could This Be, that will hit the Beatport store 21st of November. Deadmau5 label Mau5trap is again behind the release and of course, as we know, it's always good with a Mau5 behind it.

This track is no exception!

Watson & Creek - Dangerous (Original Mix)

This day have been quite busy for me because of Fathers Day. But now I am finally home to post some interesting music for you all.

What I'm going to post today is really something. It's a German Electro House artist with a quite English name: Watson & Creek. A little bit of same story here as with Spencer & Hill, who also happen to be German. This quite anonymous artist however does more funky Electro House. It really sounds professional too, so I don't really understand why he only have around 100 likes on Facebook. To the funky beats we have some 90's Heavy Metal vocals that really suits this Electro act. So what else is there to say, just listen to the darn thing!

And I'll give you an advice before: Don't wake up your neighbours. There's a risk you'll want to turn up the volume on this one!

Watson & Creek - "DANGEROUS" (Original Mix) by Begemo Music

Who want's to hear more from Watson & Creek? Click this shit. 


New F.O.O.L Preview

The interesting swedish Electro duo F.O.O.L (Fuck Our Ordinary Lives) collected 500 likes on Facebook yesterday before they released a preview of their new track Dark Side.

What we learn from the preview is that the song starts with some synths in the build up. Before dropping into an electro banger, we hear the Star Wars character Darth Vader's quote "You don't know the power of the dark side".

F.O.O.L have been very productive this year. I suggest a visit to their SoundCloud for more good Electro beats.

Now listen to F.O.O.L - Dark Side (preview):

F.O.O.L - Dark Side (Preview) by FuckOurOrdinaryLives


Free Dirty South Mini Mix

A week ago BBC 1 was visited by the Australian music producer
Dirty South, who also already earlier this week was mentioned on my blog. To promote his upcoming material he performed a 5 minute mini mix for the listeners. Today he gives the mix out for free on SoundCloud.

With acts included lile Daft Punk, Groove Armada, Temper Trap, Fatboy Slim, Skylar Grey & of course Dirty South himself this is becoming a pretty epic mix.

 Now sit down, look at the tracklist, plug your headphones, turn up the volume, sit back, listen and enjoy!

Dirty South Mini Mix

1. Da Funk - Daft Punk
2. Walking Alone (Acapella) - 
Dirty South & TUS
3. Right Here Right Now (Tool) - Fatboy Slim
4. Killmode Vs Right Here Right Now (Cazzette Bootleg)
5. Sweet Disposition (Axwell & Dirty South Mix) - Temper Trap
6. Coming Home (Dirty South Acapella) - Diddy ft Skylar Grey
7. Superstyling - Groove Armada
8. Aerodynamic - Daft Punk
9. Let it go (Acapella) - Dirty South

Total Playtime: 5:03 Annie Mac - Dirty South Mini Mix by Dirty South


Utku S. - Disco Fever (Original Remix)

Once again Utku S. is very productive, I posted another track by him just a few days ago, and now he released one more preview for us (posted just 30 minutes ago). This time it is Disco Fever that will be released on 14 November (this week). The song is very typical for Utku S. plus it has a taste of 80's disco (of course, why else would the name be Disco Fever)!

Utku S. - Disco Fever by Utku S.

Sway - Still Speeding (Kill The Noise Remix)

Dubstep genious Kill The Noise have really proved he can remix any genre to his own trademark sound. The last three months must have been hectic for the L.A. producer . He have released some really epic remixes of already good original songs. One of his tracks, and the first one I heard was Robyn - Be Mine featuring Rye Rye. I didn't even hesitate once to include it in one of my own monthly DJ mixes when it came out. After that, he released remixes of known bands and artists such as Five Finger Death Punch, Korn & Skrillex. He also did a great job on the tracks by the "newcomer DJs": Porter Robinson & KOAN. And just a few hours ago we could once more enjoy a new remix by the young producer.

This time it is the UK rap artist and producer Sway DaSafo's track Still Speeding that is being remixed. Once again Kill The Noise performs his trademark dubstep style that I like. I have to say the drop reminds me of the Be Mine drop, but not too much though. Now just listen and enjoy.

Sway - Still Speeding (Kill The Noise Remix) by killthenoise

Here's a full preview on Youtube.


Moguai Single Released on mau5trap

Hope you people are enjoying this blog. For those who visited before I can now tell you that I have a Facebook page & Twitter account for ElectroCloud!

Moguai is a German EDM producer & DJ, who's been active in the business already since 2002.
Last month we were blessed with an epic remix from Moguai on the Fatboy Slim song Push the Tempo. In my opinion also the best remix of that track by far. 

2 days ago we saw a new release with Moguai. This time it's the single Oxygen together with the australia born, german located singer Fiora. Again Moguai releases the single on mau5trap Label (Deadmau5's record label if the info happened to slip by someone). It's a nice song that really becomes better and better for every listen. On the single we have the Original Remix, Club Remix + my favorite on record: Jacob Plant Remix (a really great dubstep version).

If you didn't hear Moguai's version of Fatboy Slim - Push the Tempo. Then please press play under here:

Fatboy Slim vs. Moguai - Ya Mama by djmoguai

Leechi Celebrates Birthday by Sharing

I happened to stumble upon some fun news. It's the South African dubstep music producer Leechi who decided to be kind on his birthday by sharing one of his tracks.

These are the words on Leechi's Facebook:

" [One of his tracks] 'Warning' for free download to celebrate legally being allowed to smoke & watch 16 rated movies! Woohoo :D "

First let's wish that he makes more great dubstep music like this in the future. Then wish him a happy birthday!

Listen to it before you download:

Leechi - Warning (Original Mix) by Leechi

Introducing: BRUK

Today I have decided to bring another element to my new electro blog. The idea is to introduce different hand picked artists for you every once in a little while. The artist that I am introducing to you should be one that I really appreciate for his/her/their work. 

First honourable artist to be introduced for you is a DJ-duo with the name BRUK. The duo consist of two highly appreciated DJs on the Electro House scene, Rocket Pimp (Mike Stonebank) & Chrizz Luvly. The later maybe the most known of the two. The name of the band is actually a mix of two country abbreviations BR (as in Brazil) & UK (of course United Kingdom). And why these great countries, you ask? Well it's easy isn't it. Chrizz Luvly is Brazilian and Rocket Pimp is English.

Hold Back is the first song I heard from BRUK and it caught me immediately. The vocals from Static is great and it's a real great club banger with a little wobble every once in a while! The release of this song was about a year ago.


As you noticed this was only a short preview but here's a link to Youtube for a full preview, and a link to Beatport where you can purchase it, together with more of their releases!

BRUK masters the art of balancing on the edge of mainstream & dirty Electro House, something that I think shows in the following track i'm gonna include. This is Keep Running together with Marie L who appears on several BRUK & Rocket Pimp tracks.


Another great track that is among the best is Shine On. This is having a little more dirty sounds than the others. We also hear vocals from Marie L, which suits very well with this type of music.


I also like to present to you both halfs of the duo by including one each of their own tracks.

First, listen to Rocket Pimp:


Then, listen to Chrizz Luvly:


Now we can only hope we will see more from these guys. Would be real fun if they could release something under BRUK soon, wouldn't it?

Remember to come back to ElectroCloud for more Introductions!