Watson & Creek - Dangerous (Original Mix)

This day have been quite busy for me because of Fathers Day. But now I am finally home to post some interesting music for you all.

What I'm going to post today is really something. It's a German Electro House artist with a quite English name: Watson & Creek. A little bit of same story here as with Spencer & Hill, who also happen to be German. This quite anonymous artist however does more funky Electro House. It really sounds professional too, so I don't really understand why he only have around 100 likes on Facebook. To the funky beats we have some 90's Heavy Metal vocals that really suits this Electro act. So what else is there to say, just listen to the darn thing!

And I'll give you an advice before: Don't wake up your neighbours. There's a risk you'll want to turn up the volume on this one!

Watson & Creek - "DANGEROUS" (Original Mix) by Begemo Music

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