Incredible new drumstep!

I have always liked A Girl & A Gun for her vocals. Today I am totally in love after hearing the preview of the new track together with russian duo The Damn Bell Doors. Alien Technologies EP with this tune is going to release in time for christmas (19th December) on Heavy Artillery Recordings.

Stun Gun is a good name for the track. I didn't realize until the preview stopped that my feet were dancing crazy under the table. With a great drumstep tempo and a great breakdown / drop together with the A Girl & A Gun's vocals there is no way that this song will fail on the dance floor.

Let's hope the DJ's around the world will find out about this track. Sadly enough I think there are too few people following any of these artists. On A Girl & A Gun's SoundCloud there is a shy 6500+ followers and on Facebook only 1500+. The Damn Bell Doors have even less people on their fan pages. I've seen so many unskilled artists with many more followers, so I hope they will get the word out about this track. I dare to say, this one is up there together with the best. Hopefully a breakthrough for both involved performers.


Here's a bonus track that will also be featured on The Damn Bell Doors' new EP!

The Damn Bell Doors - Alien Technologies (Original Mix)