Zedd's First Dubstep Production Out Now

Just recieved new music from the German professional DJ Anton Zaslavski, or maybe most of you know him as Zedd. With tracks moving to the top spots for almost every release, there is no doubt that the new single will begin to appear on the EDM lists around the world.

It was just about 2 months ago that Shave It was released on Skrillex label OWSLA and loved by the big electro crowd. Remember the bear with the razorblade on the cover. About 5 songs on SoundCloud that Zedd released last 12 months have got over 100 000 plays. The DJ have done touring together with big names like Skrillex, Deadma5 & new kid Porter Robinson.

It's very nice to see that a DJ, this big, is releasing Scorpion Move for FREE on SoundCloud.

Zedd haven't done dubstep in his previous original productions. He did of course remix Skrillex not so long ago. In Scorpion Move you can clearly hear the influence of dubstep. Wonder if group pressure have something with this to do (now look at who he toured with). It's however very good, and Zedd should be proud of his release!

EDIT. I should have visited his Facebook. It even reads there "my first dubstep song ever".