Felix Cartal: New Releases Coming Up

Since 2010 when I discovered Popular Music, an amazing album from Felix Cartal, I've been following the Canadian music producer with excitement. There is really something special about him. Rough dance music and really not the typical sound of successful mainstream electro, that we so often hear on the radio these days. Still, he is very professional about his music. A lot of listeners including me will probably connect and compare him with the mighty Boys Noize or such similar acts, although they aren't on the same level... yet.

I've been a little bit disappointed lately though with the tracks Felix Cartal has been previewing due to his upcoming release of the second full length album called Different Faces (that will be released 27th March). It still feels like Felix Cartal, and I haven't lost hope yet on the album. I don't mean that the tracks he's released so far is bad or anything. I actually think the opposite. They are good, but there is very little Felix in them. I just hear Polina or Miss Palmer when i listen to Don't Turn On The Lights or Black to White. I might be wrong but isn't these tracks quite good attempts on reaching a bigger, more mainstream crowd. Another track, Domo, on the other hand is a real pearl in my eyes, and according to me, it holds Popular Music-standard. I rest my case about this upcoming album release until I get my hands on the whole album.

However, right now, Felix Cartal uploaded a completely new full track preview of a beat (together with Bart B More), that will be included on Boys Noize new Miami Noize-compilation (Original release date: 12th March). This hot new track definitely brings back the old Felix i am used listening to! Have a try yourself! 

As i mentioned earlier above, Felix Cartal will release Different Faces very soon. And the below tracks are all going to be on the new album.

Good luck with Different Faces Felix, I wish you all of luck! :)