Koobra - Nightrunning

This one is an amazingly well done Disco / House tune from the finnish music producer Koobra. Although it is few months old already, i think it deserves to be posted. Summer is going to need a song like this one. 

The video is also as amazing as the song! Reminds me of how a summer day can be like. Throw a guitar, a few cases of beer and a couple of friends into a car, drive around and do nothing serious for a whole weekend. It makes me happy to think that summer really isn't that far away right now.

For all the local people (in Vaasa, Finland) reading this blog I have some great news. Koobra will be performing live on Leipätehdas (Miami Heat) this weekend (Saturday 16th March).

Here's an other great tune from Koobra that deserves to be mentioned.