FREE LMFAO Remix by The Mavrik

I feel like there is a need to even up the last post with something little less mainstream. Yin and Yang must be restored you know.

So here's a remix of LMFAO - Sexy And I Know It. LMFAO is of course quite a mainstream artist nowadays, but the mix by The Mavrik is just killing the mainstreamness (if there is such a word). Some filthy dubstep, a few melodic chords and quality sound with samples / quotes from Top Gun and the Austin Powers movies can't be wrong. And, it's free!

There is not so much info about The Mavrik to be found. Though I happened to find his SoundCloud & Facebook after a little research!

Here is The Mavrik with Sexy And I Know It. I also included another remix of the song. You can use it to calm down after the first one!

A Mord BONUS is never wrong, right...? :)