BRUK Finally Out With New Stuff

Anyone who followed this blog from the start knows that I made a small article about Chrizz Luvly and his side project together with Rocket Pimp called BRUK. If you haven't read it, go here!

Obviously there is something new going on right now in the BRUK camp. Just a few hours ago we could see previews of both old and new tracks from Chrizz Luvly being uploaded to SoundCloud followed by a big surprise. We are not talking about only a few tracks now. All together 15 tracks were uploaded plus the previously unknown track from who other than, BRUK (although it is uploaded to Chrizz Luvly's profile).

The electro house track is of course no disappointment, else i wouldn't be writing this article!
If you know popular music well you'll be noticing that this new track called "The World" is a remake, or whatever you wanna call it, of the Swedish House Mafia smash hit "Save The World".