Dirty South ♥ Nero

The Serbian born Austalian DJ
Dirty South already made it to my newly started blog earlier today. That was when I posted an article about Tits & Clits remix of his track Alive. However I forgot to mention that one of his unreleased remixes / bootlegs was leaked a few days ago. One of the reasons why I decided to make a special post about this is because I'm totally in love with Nero since their release of the debute album Welcome Reality. I couldn't just leave this unposted, although it's a few days old. 

The Original track was already recorded and released on Youtube in 2010. The official release date was 2nd January 2011. It debuted at 1st place on the UK indie chart  and was included on Welcome Reality which was released this year in august.

The remix of Me & You by Dirty South is among the best remixes.

Other remixes of the Nero masterpiece worth to be mentioned is:

Which one is your favorite Remix?