New Modestep Release

I know that To The Stars has been around already for a while. Today however is the official release date and you will be able to buy the new track on iTunes. It already made it onto the BBC Radio 1 A-list.

Modestep really made a name for themselves after the release of the smash hit Sunlight. Their music video was seen by 1 million people after just 4 days on Youtube. That says something about their mainstream success. What really makes Modestep stand out from the rest of the Dubstep acts of today is the mainstream friendly vocals by Josh Friend.

To The Stars isn't much different from Sunlight. It starts quite calm and evolves into a big drop followed by some interesting dubstep. However we don't have any change of tempo in this track like we had in Sunlight, where the tempo suddenly changed into some kind of drumstep like final. Instead, in the ending of To The Stars we can enjoy an interesting Heavy Metalish guitar solo. I haven't seen these guys live, but I guess this song is a candidate for the "WE WANT MORE" part of the live performance.

The new song was of course remixed by a lot of different DJ's around the world. This one by Document One maybe recieved the most of the attention.