Popeska - Bro

Hello there people, I've been quite busy lately which you probably noticed due to the lack of new articles. I will try to be more active now at least until Christmas, when I think I'm gonna have a few days of vacation from everything. Then of course back to business after all the celebrations.

Every time Ralf from Atlanta, meaning Popeska, releases something, it means a sure article for me. The goal with this blog is to publish just the best of the best. So far I've been running this blog for a month and the artist I posted most about must be Popeska. The so far unsigned Electro / Dubstep producer keeps surprising with new releases all the time. What I like about him is that he's experimenting with the music, but you can always hear that it's Popeska. I think each of his releases has its own charm.

This time he has a new song called Bro. It's a calm track with some nice drops. I won't call it dubstep even though it is. Popeska prefers to call this Brostep.