New FREE Album from Uppermost

Here's some new music from Behdad Nejatbakhshe, better known as Uppermost. The french DJ came to my notice when I first heard his singles Pwnage Method and System32. Those tracks of course made a good impression on me which was the reason i just had to get his  album Action. He must be very productive because most artists would be glad to release an album per year or two. Uppermost released Action just 3 months ago.

Uppermost - Polis
Download FREE (320 Kbps)

1. Evi
2. Dixit
3. Atma
4. Bastel
5. Vandal
6. Acedia
7. Etc
8. Bios
9. Aven
10. Satellite

Play time: 43:24
Release date: 19 December 2011

In my opinion the two albums are quite like each other. However I have to say the new one is one step ahead which is very ideal. That means he is evolving. Getting better. And I guess if he keeps up the productivity and constantly releases quality material like this, he will become big. Although his tracks isn't that mainstream i would say it's very easy to listen to his kind of music. I hear a lot of resemblance to acts such as Daft Punk and Justice which of course he's been compared to before. But making this kind of music is still a very good concept if you want to gain listeners!

Speaking of Justice. After listening to this new Uppermost album, don't you think this is something that could fill the hunger of all the disappointed fans of Justice, who wanted Audio, Video, Disco to be more like Cross?

On Police you will for example find samples from Daft Punk and Linkin Park. The use of samples on this album is neatly accomplished! The album is also great as a whole. The tempo varies from track to track and as I already mentioned makes it easy to listen to!

This one is a lot like Justice track Genesis from Cross:

The other track available on Uppermost's SoundCloud is a lot like Daft Punk and even has some samples from them!

I think you should go join the forces on his Facebook page. Not too many people follow him. It seems like he is very under estimated.