Turn on the Radio and Clap Your Hands!

Utku S. is constantly releasing new music for the Electro House crowd. In the last 12 months he released about 30 tracks on SoundCloud. This is of course both own tracks and remixes.

The DJ and sound producer located in Istanbul, Turkey surprised us yesterday, by uploading two previews of new tracks that will be released in a few days on Tapestop Music (Beatport). It's Turn on the Radio and Clap Your Hands!

As usual there is a lot of interesting new sounds in Utku S. productions. Uplifting melodies, dubstep influences, clean base sounds and some distorted guitar riffs every now and then.

I prefer to listen to the latest preview he released. But if you are interested in the other new stuff, please go check out his SoundCloud profile! YAYAY!

Utku S. - Turn On The Radio (preview) by Utku S.

The most known artist I've blogged about so far is Utku S. So let's hope this will bring more readers to my blog. If you find my articles interesting. Please return!