New Music Released by King Kornelius

I think I have made this blog into an addiction. Music is something I live for. And I am really not so surprised that I'm making my 4th post just in 2 days.

King Kornelius is to me still a rather unknown Electro House DJ and producer. I've only heard Milk & Cookies that he produced with the American Alex Kidd and The Bully with JELO

What I found out about him is that he is Canadian and makes really good music. On his Facebook page I also found out that his name is actually Neil Hatherall AND he is a normal man (so a bit of a disappointment there for all you people who really thought he was a king)! 

Anyway, I think you should check out his latest hit Off with his Head which was officially released on Beatport only 2 days ago, and labled Exclusive! 

If you like this, BUY IT. But until then, I embedded this Youtube video for you all to enjoy!

If you can't get enough of King Kornelius after listening to this! Please visit his SoundCloud profile, where you will find more tracks, remixes and bootlegs. For example this remix!

Frederik Olufsen - Yet another sax thing (King Kornelius Remix) by King Kornelius

Welcome back for more music and reviews on ElectroCloud!