Skream Finally Release Anticipate EP


01. Skream - Anticipate (Original Mix)

02. Skream - Anticipate (Cassius Remix) 


03. Skream - Anticipate (Netsky Remix) 

Today we have a few big artists that both do their own music and have their own record company. I am mostly thinking of Deadmau5 and Skrillex now. Everything that these guys publish is of course of great interest to the fans of the Electro scene. Even people that listen to more mainstream stuff have started to listen to the genre mainly thanks to these guys. It will also continue to be interesting, as long as there is constantly quality releases made, like Skream's new single or EP (whatever you wanna call it) released on Skrillex's label OWSLA.

Some people already waited in half a year for this release. I don't have any clue why it has taken so long to release. Finally though, we have an official with the suiting name, Anticipate. Included on the single we have three tracks. The Original of course & two remixes by Netsky & Cassius.

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