Moguai Single Released on mau5trap

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Moguai is a German EDM producer & DJ, who's been active in the business already since 2002.
Last month we were blessed with an epic remix from Moguai on the Fatboy Slim song Push the Tempo. In my opinion also the best remix of that track by far. 

2 days ago we saw a new release with Moguai. This time it's the single Oxygen together with the australia born, german located singer Fiora. Again Moguai releases the single on mau5trap Label (Deadmau5's record label if the info happened to slip by someone). It's a nice song that really becomes better and better for every listen. On the single we have the Original Remix, Club Remix + my favorite on record: Jacob Plant Remix (a really great dubstep version).

If you didn't hear Moguai's version of Fatboy Slim - Push the Tempo. Then please press play under here:

Fatboy Slim vs. Moguai - Ya Mama by djmoguai