Nostalgic Music From Tobtok!

Tobias Karlsson from Sweden is the man behind French House act Tobtok. His instrumental and funky music takes you back to the years when it was cool to wear neon overalls in every color and have the big & bouffant mullet hairstyle. If you ever heard of an artist with the name Grum, you probably understand what kind of music we are dealing with here. Clear and funky basslines and dream like synth melodies which reminds us about the popular music of the '80s.

The new track from Tobtok, Electric Horror was released yesterday on SoundCloud, Spotify and iTunes! In my opinion it is his best performance so far and that is always a good sign if you are a rising star in music! Have your eyes open for an upcoming EP!

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Tobtok - Electric Horror by Tobtok

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Tobtok's Edits by Tobtok

I wonder if Tobtok took a ride with Marty McFly to find the right sound of the '80s.