Popeska Impresses

So here we go with the first post about new music on this blog.

Today I found a really interesting artist that I think we all should have a look at. It's the unsigned Atlanta located Popeska who seem to be publishing new tracks every third or so day. The 18-year old producer have really found a good sound in his Electro / Dubstep influenced tracks. I have to say that quality is improving for every single track he's releasing. And it is my guess that Popeska will become a returning name in our ears.

This track was released just 8 hours ago. There is something in this music that just makes me wanna Dance. I wonder why? And yeah, the drop is amazing with quality bass sound.
   Popeska - We Can Dance by popeska

Also have a look at his other tracks on SoundCloud. They are all free to download (so far)!

So now that you heard. How many days do you think it is before Skrillex signs Popeska?